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VAST Viewer Access Satellite Television is available now. This is a NEW satellite service that will allow viewers in Aurora areas and poor Terrestrial reception to have the same choice if digital channels as is available to viewers in Capital Cities

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KRISTAL ELECTRONICS specializes in the supply and installation of TV receiving systems for both satellite and terrestrial. We commenced business in 1985, and continue to provide quality products and services to our customers. Most of our products are directly imported, so we can offer you the best pricing. Our main brands are Arion, Homecast, Opentel, and Wavelength.

Digital Terrestrial Television

The Australian free to air channels, ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten networks and their affiliates, are migrating from the current analogue standard to digital. This change should be complete by the end of this decade. This means that every viewer will eventually require a digital TV, or a digital set-top box to convert the digital signal so it can be viewed on your analogue TV. We carry a range of digital terrestrial set-top boxes and cable and accessories, and can advise you on the best equipment for your area. You can find our digital terrestrial equipment in the online shop.

Digital Satellite Television

Satellite television can be received with a satellite dish and satellite receiver. There are two main bands: KU band and C band. KU band dishes are usually 0.6 to 1.2M in diameter, C band dishes 1.8 to 4M in diameter. In Australia, KU band satellite usually carries the PAY TV and Free to Air Aurora channels, and C band satellites carry mostly International content. We can supply portable satellite receiving systems for the Aurora channels so you can watch perfect digital TV anywhere in Australia. Our systems start at $399. Go here for our mobile satellite kits. To learn more about Satellite Television, please visit our Satellite Info page.

Digital Cable Television

Cable Television is used to distribute PAY TV and FTA (Free to air) TV to homes through a cable. This is used mainly in capital cities where there is a large population in a small area. Cable Television can also be used in Units, Hotels or Communities where the television signal is sourced from a common point in the building complex.

Our Warranty

Our products are of high quality, and before we select any new model, we test it ourselves for performance and durability. Our products are guaranteed for 12 months from purchase. For our warranty conditions please go here.